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Ecologia Politica Network Alternatives to mainstream publishing within and beyond academia
Eda Ulus White fantasy, white betrayals: On neoliberal ‘feminism’ in the US presidential election process
Edouard Pignot Bringing down the house (of Goldman Sachs): Analyzing corrupt forms of trading with Lacan
Eduardo Seidl Comportamento fotográfico / Photographic behavior
Edward Barratt Bureaucracy, citizenship, governmentality: Towards a re-evaluation of New Labour
Edward Comor Digital prosumption and alienation
Edward Wray-Bliss Pathology, power and profits... in paperback, A right to respond? Monopolisation of 'voice' in CMS
Eeva Berglund I wanted to be an academic, not a 'creative': Notes on universities and the new capitalism
Eeva Jokinen Coding gender in academic capitalism
Eileen Laurie Killer jellyfish rock Rio
Ekaterina Chertkovskaya Reconfiguring work and organizing for post-pandemic futures, Hosting emergence with hospitality, The post-growth economy needs a degrowth vocabulary!, The vocabulary of degrowth: A roundtable debate, Work and consumption: Entangled , Giving notice to employability
Eleftheria Lekakis A liquid politics? Conceptualising the politics of fair trade consumption and consumer citizenship, Digital consumer activism: Agency and commodification in the digital economy
Elen Riot ‘Anarchy by the book? Forget about it!’: The role of collective memory in shaping workers’ relations to anarchism and work today
Elena Neiterman Navigating otherness and belonging: A comparative case study of IMGs’ professional integration in Canada and Sweden
Eleni Karamali Inscribing organized resistance
Eli Meyerhoff Toward a global autonomous university
Elisa Virgili Feminism is dead? Long live feminism! A reflexive note on the FAW! workshop
Elisabeth M. Wilson Critical recipes
Elizabeth Houghton Becoming a neoliberal subject
Elizabeth Johnson Reinventing biological life, reinventing 'the human', Toward a global autonomous university
Elizabeth Nixon The impossibility of ethical consumption
Elizabeth Wissinger Modelling a way of life: Immaterial and affective labour in the fashion modelling industry
Elly Clarke The trans-Siberian photo project
Elsa Noterman Speculating on the university: Disruptive actions in today’s corporate university
Emanuele Leonardi Capitalism unwrapped, Carbon trading dogma: Theoretical assumptions and practical implications of global carbon markets, The imprimatur of capital: Gilbert Simondon and the hypothesis of cognitive capitalism
Emil Husted Welcome to the party, Reconfiguring work and organizing for post-pandemic futures, Party organization in the digital age, Mobilizing ‘the Alternativist’: Exploring the management of subjectivity in a radical political party, Time to party?
Emiliana Armano The relational network of knowledge production
Emilie Hesselbo Beyond measure
Emine Onaran Incirolioğlu Interrupted happiness: Class boundaries and the "impossible love" in Turkish melodrama
Emma Crewe Rhythms, riffs, and rituals in political parties: An anthropological view of complex coalitions
Emma Dowling Tales of ‘Much of a muchness’: Adventures in the land of social capital, The ethics of engagement revisited: Remembering the ESF 2004, Producing the dining experience: Measure, subjectivity and the affective worker, Immaterial and affective labour: Explored
Emma Jeanes What are the alternatives? Organising for a socially and ecologically sustainable world, Mobilities in contemporary worlds of work and organizing, Diagrammatics of organization
Emma Surman Dialectics of dualism: The symbolic importance of the home/work divide, After organization studies
Emrah Karakilic The (un)surprising nature of creativity: A Deleuzian perspective on the temporality of the creative process
Enda Brophy The subterranean stream: Communicative capitalism and call centre labour
Enrico Beltramini Economic theology: Is economy a subfield of theology?, A genealogy of command, Power and management according to Agamben: Some implications of Agamben’s thoughts to management scholarship