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Pablo Dávalos Las batallas de la globalización: Resistencia indigena al TLC en Ecuador / Globalization battles: Indigenous resistance to the FTA in Ecuador
Pablo Mamani Ramirez Territorio y estructuras de acción colectiva: Microgobiernos barriales / Territory and structures of collective action: Neighborhood micro-governments
Paolo Cuttitta Points and lines: A topography of borders in the global space
Paolo Do No future, The anamorphosis of living labour
Paolo Gerbaudo Digital parties and their organisational challenges
Paresha Sinha Resources of history and hope: Studying left-wing political parties through loss
Pat Kane Dialoguing play
Patricia Ticineto Clough Notes towards a theory of affect-itself
Patrick Bond Durban’s conference of polluters, market failure and critic failure
Patrick Reedy Impossible organisations: Anarchism and organisational praxis
Patrik Baard The shape of order at the edge of chaos
Paul Jones Digital labour in the academic context: Challenges for academic staff associations
Paul Routledge Grassrooting the imaginary: Acting within the convergence
Paul Stewart Research, participation and the neo-liberal context: The challenges of emergent participatory and emancipatory research approaches
Paul Taylor Putting theory to work – a.k.a ‘if you don't like academia, why don't you leave?’
Paula Bialski The terms of anonymity: An interview with Marit Hansen, German data protection expert, ‘Saving’ the city: Collective low‐budget organizing and urban practice, Collective low-budget organizing and low carbon futures: An interview with John Urry
Paula Helm What can self-organised group therapy teach us about anonymity?
Paulina Segarra Academe under siege and the atrophy of today’s universities
Pauline Ferguson After marketing and social construction
Paulo RZ Abdala América Latina / Latin America: Again (and again)
Peder Holm-Pedersen Tripping up the perfect
Pekka Kuusela A bridge over troubled water
Pekka Piironen But what should we do?
Per Bäckius Other work: A dividual enterprise
Per Darmer 'Managing the human' in 21st century organizations: Developing a critical and performative research agenda for HRM-studies
Peter Armstrong Alienated consumption, the commodification of taste and disabling professionalism, In search of seminality: David Knights and Glenn Morgan on company strategy, Practical criticism and the social sciences of management
Peter Bloom Fight for your alienation: The fantasy of employability and the ironic struggle for self-exploitation
Peter Case Managing international development: (Re)positioning critique in the post-2008 conjecture, Health at work, Stop whining, start doing! Identity conflict in project managed software production
Peter Fleming Common as silence, The business of truth: Authenticity, capitalism and the crisis of everyday life, The playing fields of late capitalism, Progress, pessimism, critique, We are all communists now...But what kind?, 'Lines of flight': A history of resistance and the thematic of ethics, death and animality, The field and the forge, Beyond the panopticon?, Crawling from the wreckage
Peter McInnes Time, fear and suffering in post-dualist modes of being, Organizational space/time: From imperfect panoptical to heterotopian understanding
Peter Newell Carbon trading in South Africa: Plus ça change?
Peter S Petralia Invisible journey
Peter Scott Participation or democracy at work?
Peter Sloterdijk Inspiration
Peter Svensson The ethics of the brand, The excellent institution, Alternatively, Writing in the margins is being elsewhere. Always.
Peter Watt Higher education, consumed!, Giving notice to employability