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Kaarina Nikunen Doing good reality, masculine care, and affective capitalism
Kai Basner Snaptivism: A collective biography of feminist snap as affective activism*
Karen Eliot Beyond solidarity and academic freedom
Karin Berglund Fighting against all odds: Entrepreneurship education as employability training
Karina Kosiara-Pedersen The comparative study of political party organization: Changing perspectives and prospects
Karl Weick Dear editor: A reply to Basbøll and Graham
Karolina Mikołajewska-Zając Sharing as labour and as gift: Couchsurfing as an ‘affective enterprise’
Karolina Parding New conditions for identities, cultures and governance of welfare sector professionals: The teaching profession
Kaspar Villadsen Laughing for real? Humour, management power and subversion
Kate Burt Writing dangerously: Creating fictional narratives as an alternative form of critique within business schools
Kate Kenny Academic activism, The battle for the whistleblower: An interview with John Kiriakou, Free work, The effect of affect: Desire and politics in modern organizations, Constructing unknowers, destroying whistleblowers
Kate Soper The dialectics of progress: Irish ‘belatedness’ and the politics of prosperity
Katerina Psarikidou Rethinking innovation through a moral economy lens: The case of alternative agro-food and mobility practices
Katharina Pilhofer Diversity and difference research: A reflection on categories and categorization
Kathi Weeks Life within and against work: Affective labor, feminist critique, and post-Fordist politics
Kathryn Keating Revisiting precarity, with care: Productive and reproductive labour in the era of flexible capitalism
Katie Rose Sullivan Producing professionals: Exploring gendered and embodied responses to practicing on the margins*
Katie Vann On the valorization of informatic labour
Katrina Petersen On anonymity in disasters: Socio-technical practices in emergency management
Kean Birch Peak neoliberalism? Revisiting and rethinking the concept of neoliberalism, Market vs. contract? The implications of contractual theories of corporate governance to the analysis of neoliberalism
Kenneth Weir The dark side of management: Gerard Hanlon in dialogue with ephemera, Buying the Splat Pack, Open secrets
Kerstin Jacobsson Sorting people in and out: The plasticity of the categories of employability, work capacity and disability as technologies of government
Kevin Casper ‘I’m so glad you’re fake!’: Simulacra slapstick and the limits of the real
Kevin Pijpers Grooving matter(s): ‘Taking measure’ through touch
Khang Lê Neoliberalism in a socialist state: Political economy of higher education in Vietnam
Kiely Flanigan Adams The discursive construction of professionalism: An episteme of the 21st century*
Kieran Keohane Talk and silence: Instantiations and articulations
Kim Humphery Digital consumer activism: Agency and commodification in the digital economy
Kim Trogal Repair matters
Kirsten Locke The playable university
Kirsty Janes The one and the many: How threshold phenomena breach subject boundaries
Klaus Harju Saudate, to be at home without a home
Konstantin Stoborod Hosting emergence with hospitality, The dark side of management: Gerard Hanlon in dialogue with ephemera, Did you hear the one about the anarchist manager?
Kornelia Trytko The exposure of Kataryna: How Polish journalists and bloggers debate online anonymity
Kristian Bondo Hansen Weird science and datafication
Kristin Carls Affective labour in Milanese large scale retailing: Labour control and employees' coping strategies

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