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Valentina Desideri Fate work: A conversation
Valeria Graziano Repair matters
Valérie Fournier The question of organization: A manifesto for alternatives, Making choice, taking risk: On the coming out of Critical Management Studies, Gift, she said, Scripting masculinity
Vanessa Andreotti The Other Worlds educational project and the challenges 
and possibilities of open spaces
Vanessa Weber Pandemic times. A conversation with Lisa Baraitser about the temporal politics of COVID-19, Standby: Organizing modes of in|activity, Filtering data: Exploring the sociomaterial production of air
Vassilis Charitsis Prosuming (the) self
Victoria Pagan Fantasy to (evade) order: Vicarious schadenfreude
Viktor Vesterberg Ethnicized un/employability: Problematized Others and the shaping of advanced liberal subjects
Viktorija Kalonaityte Civilization of clashes
Ville Kivivirta The shock of the Anthropocene and a margin of hope: On possibilities for critical thinking in the Arctic context
Vincent Manzerolle Mobilizing the audience commodity: Digital labour in a wireless world
Vitor Hugo Klein Jr. Crisis, critique and alternatives: Revolutionary politics as the lost substance of the left?
Viviane Sergi Questioning the writing we do