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J. Christopher Paskewich Rethinking organizational hierarchy, management, and the nature of work with Peter Drucker and Colin Ward
J. J. King In the call centre
J. Martin Corbett Sound organisation: A brief history of psychosonic management
Jack Bratich The digital touch: Craft-work as immaterial labour and ontological accumulation
Jacob J. Peters The work of games
Jacob Thommesen Virilio: From space to time, from reality to image
Jacques Rancière Inteview with Jacques Rancière
Jade Elizabeth French Realising Sara Ahmed’s ‘feminist snap’: Voices, embodiment, affectivity, Snaptivism: A collective biography of feminist snap as affective activism*
James A. Fitchett Myths of a near past: Envisioning finance capitalism anno 2007, Myths of a near future: Advertising the new economy
Jamie Woodcock The algorithmic panopticon at Deliveroo: Measurement, precarity, and the illusion of control, The workers’ inquiry from Trotskyism to Operaismo: A political methodology for investigating the workplace
Jan Schapper Does have any byte? An exploratory dialogue
Jana Costas Roundtable: Free work, Mystification and secrecy in contemporary corporate life: A reflection on Lars von Trier's 'The boss of it all'
Janet Merkel Coworking in the city
Janice L. Thomas Intersectionality at work: The case of Ruth Bates Harris and NASA
Jannick Friis Christensen H(a)unting quotas: An empirical analysis of the uncanniness of gender quotas, Snaptivism: A collective biography of feminist snap as affective activism*, Powerful writing as writing ‘with’, Queer organising and performativity: Towards a norm-critical conceptualisation of organisational intersectionality, ‘No hate. No bigotry. Fight white supremacy!’: A case study of Nørrebro Pride and collective organising in the face of ongoing apocalypse
Janus Hecht A vanishing act: The magical technologies of invisibility in care work
Jasmine Rault The labour of being studied in a free love economy
Jason Del Gandio Global justice rhetoric: Observations and suggestions
Jasper Finkeldey Building a pan-European movement party: DiEM25 at the 2019 European elections, Challenging the saga of corporate climate champions
Jean-Marie Mauclet ‘Capturing the moving mind’ as a work of art?
Jeffery S. Juris Social forums and their margins: Networking logics and the cultural politics of autonomous space
Jenni Brichzin Getting ‘sucked into parliament’: Tracing the process of professional political socialization
Jenni Ramone Towards collective liberation
Jennifer Hinton A not-for-profit world beyond capitalism and economic growth?
Jennifer M. Murray The shame of servers: Inquiry and agency in a Manhattan cocktail lounge
Jennifer Pybus Learning to immaterial labour 2.0
Jenny Ahlberg Bad governance of family firms: The adoption of good governance on the boards of directors in family firms
Jenny Helin Until the dust settles
Jens Rennstam Management of self-management
Jeremy Aroles At the heart of new work practices: A paradoxical approach to silence in a coworking space
Jeremy Gilbert The forum and the market: The complexity of the social and the struggle for democracy
Jeremy Hunsinger Four fold Guattari
Jeremy Knox Activism and the academy: Assembling knowledge for social justice
Jeroen Veldman Seduction by contract, The nature and purpose of the corporation: A roundtable discussion, The political economy of corporate governance , Whose passion?
Jerome Whitington The prey of uncertainty: Climate change as opportunity
Jerzy Kociatkiewicz Textual flâneurie: Writing management with Walter Benjamin, Shadows silence

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