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Ole Bjerg The politics of transition: From ecology to money … and back, The falling rate of enjoyment: Consumer capitalism and compulsive buying disorder, Poker phases: Draw, Stud and Hold’Em as playforms of capitalism
Ole Fogh Kirkeby Eventum tantum: To make the world worthy of what could happen to it, The Greek square, or, The normative challenge of aesthetics
Ole Thyssen The invisibility of the organization
Olga Kravets On things and comrades
Olimpia Burchiellaro Powerful writing
Oliver C. Speck Mastering the major discourse
Oliver Double ‘What do you do?’: Stand-up comedy versus the proper job
Oliver Mallett Identity as a category of theory and practice, The challenges of identity work: Developing Ricoeurian narrative identity in organisations
Olivier Ratle Labour pains: Starting a career within the neo-liberal university
Orla McGarry Migration, integration and activism in Ireland
Oscar Reyes Carbon markets after Durban, World and European Social Forums: A bibliography, The organisation and politics of social forums
Oskar Christensson Mobility, migration, and its nexus to power
Owain Smolović Jones Resources of history and hope: Studying left-wing political parties through loss
Ozan Nadir Alakavuklar Reconfiguring work and organizing for post-pandemic futures, Labour of becoming a (critical) management scholar: Ambivalences, tensions and possibilities, There is always an alternative: Outlaws for contemporary resistance