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Mads Bank Affirmative critique
Mads Damgaard Corruption: Multiple margins and mediatized transgression
Mads Peter Karlsen Laughing for real? Humour, management power and subversion
Mahaut Fanchini Those who listen: On the role of external recipients in whistleblowing cases, How to study strategic ignorance in organizations: A material approach
Maitrayee Deka Street level tinkering in the times of ‘Make in India’
Malte Breiding Hansen Powerful writing
Manuel Callahan Repairing the community: UT Califas and convivial tools of the commons
Manuela Nocker Struggling to 'fit in': On belonging and the ethics of sharing in project teams
Manuela Zechner Childcare commons: Of feminist subversions of community and commune in Barcelona
Mara Ferreri The seductions of temporary urbanism
Marc Santolini Extitutional theory: Modelling structured social dynamics beyond institutions
Marcel Cobussen Ethics and/in/as silence
Marcela Garcia Echoes from the streets in our classroom: A collaborative autoethnography in a Business School in Brazil
Marcell Mars Against innovation: Compromised institutional agency and acts of custodianship
Marcelo Vieta The stream of self-determination and autogestión: Prefiguring alternative economic realities
Marco Checchi Resistance in vulnerability with an eye to the vulnerability of power
Margherita Emiletti The anamorphosis of living labour
Mari Pajala Affective capitalism: Investments and investigations
Maria Ceci Misoczky América Latina / Latin America: Again (and again), Vozes da dissidência e a organização das lutas e resistências: Uma edição especial sobre a América Latina / Voices of dissent and the organization of struggles and resistances: A special issue on Latin America
Maria Daskalaki ‘Becoming Other’: Entrepreneuring as subversive organising
María Galindo Evo Morales y la descolonización fálica del estado Boliviano / Evo Morales and the phallic decolonization of the Bolivian state
Maria Kirstine Stilling A vanishing act: The magical technologies of invisibility in care work
Maria Kordowicz The absurd workplace: How absurdity is hypernormalized in contemporary society and organizations
Maria Laura Toraldo The great denial of the monstrous in organization theory
Maria Vlachou Does it ever stop kicking off everywhere?
Mariana Affonso Penna Movimento das Comunidades Populares: a Brazilian uchronic utopia
Marianna Fotaki The battle for the whistleblower: An interview with John Kiriakou
Mariarosa Dalla Costa Rustic and ethical
Marie Lecuyer The foamy politics of surfing in Hawaii
Marie-Thérèse Abdel-Messih Translating silence/Traversing death
Marilou Lemmens Concrete abstractions
Marina Vishmidt The auto-destructive community: The torsion of the common in local sites of antagonism
Marion Totter The struggle for good leadership in social movement organizations: Collective reflection and rules as basis for autonomy
Marit Hansen The terms of anonymity: An interview with Marit Hansen, German data protection expert
Marius de Geus Peter Kropotkin’s anarchist vision of organization
Marius Gudmand-Høyer Management of self-management, Governing work through self-management

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