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Barbara Plester ‘Take it like a man!’: Performing hegemonic masculinity through organizational humour
Barbara Samaluk Migration, consumption and work: A postcolonial perspective on post-socialist migration to the UK
Bariş Kiliçbay Interrupted happiness: Class boundaries and the "impossible love" in Turkish melodrama
Barry King On the new dignity of labour
Bayo Akomolafe Perverse particles, entangled monsters and psychedelic pilgrimages: Emergence as an onto-epistemology of not-knowing
Beata Segercrantz Towards a (more) critical and social constructionist approach to new product development projects
Beata Sirowy Art at the margins of contemporary democracies
Beate Sløk-Andersen Paying attention to tension: Towards a new understanding of the organizational mechanisms enabling sexual harassment
Beatriz Acevedo Cannabis Britannica: A history of the present
Becky Shaw An unfinished lexicon for autonomous publishing
Ben Fine Consumption matters
Ben Trott Immaterial labour and world order: An evaluation of a thesis, Immaterial and affective labour: Explored
Benedikt Schmid Repair’s diverse transformative geographies: Lessons from a repair community in Stuttgart
Benjamin Franks Anarchism and business ethics: the social responsibility of the anarchist is to destroy business
Benjamin Richards Organizational mythopoeia and the spectacle in postfascist (dis)organization
Bent Meier Sørensen Water in the desert: ephemera as an Arendtian oasis, Organizing for the post-growth economy, Work, play and boredom, Unwrapped: Let's get out of here, 'No we can't'. Crisis as chance, University, failed, The refrain and resistance: Music and becoming-Jewish, Gilles Deleuze and the intensification of social theory, Assemblage notes, or, a comment on the factory of things
Bernadette Loacker Challenging thought at ephemera: Attempting to think and organize differently, The ethico-politics of whistleblowing: Mediated truth-telling in digital cultures, Work and consumption: Entangled , Mobilities in contemporary worlds of work and organizing, ‘Come on, get happy!’: Exploring absurdity and sites of alternate ordering in Twin Peaks, The commons and their im/possibilities, Capitalist unrealism: Countering the crisis of critique and imagination
Bernhard Ungericht Enoughness: Exploring the potentialities of having and being enough
Bevan Catley Bitter to the loyal end: Notes on resisting left melancholy, after globalisation
Bianca Elzenbaumer Footprint: A radical workers co-operative and its ecology of mutual support, Designers’ inquiry: Mapping the socio-economic conditions of designers in Italy
Bice Maiguascha Research in progress: Making feminist sense of the anti-globalisation movement
Bill McKelvey Response to Jackson and Carter: Commensurability, rhetoric and ephemera: Searching for clarity in a cloud of critique
Birke Otto Standby: Organizing modes of in|activity, Ghostly matters in organizing, ‘Saving’ the city: Collective low‐budget organizing and urban practice, Collective low-budget organizing and low carbon futures: An interview with John Urry, Diagrammatics of organization, Free work
Bodó Balázs Revolution
Bogdan Costea Radicalising organisation studies and the meaning of critique
Bontu Lucie Guschke Paying attention to tension: Towards a new understanding of the organizational mechanisms enabling sexual harassment
Bracha L. Ettinger Copoiesis, Art, memory, resistance
Brett Neilson Action without reaction: A Mongolian border intervention, Towards a political anthropology of new institutional forms, Experience, movement and the creation of new political forms
Brian Holmes Is it written in the stars? Global finance, precarious destinies, Continental drift: Activist research, from geopolitics
to geopoetics, The artistic device, or, the articulation of collective speech
Brian Showalter Matlock Leviathan lives: A short play about hierarchy and cooperation
Bridget Harvey Spelman cups: Attitudes to the past
Brigid Carroll Resources of history and hope: Studying left-wing political parties through loss
Brigitte Biehl-Missal ‘I’m as much an anarchist in theory as I am in practice’: Fernando Pessoa’s ‘Anarchist banker’ in a management education context, ‘And if I don’t want to work like an artist...?’ How the study of artistic resistance enriches organizational studies
Bronwyn Boon Creativity and class, Beyond prose... but not without reason: Creativity in 'plastic cages'?
Bruno Eduardo de Freitas Honorato The decolonizing future of organization studies
Bruno Latour Making the 'Res public'