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Dag Petersson Archives and power
Damian Byers Justice, identity and managing with philosophy
Damian Hodgson Project management behind the façade
Damian O'Doherty Writing: Labour, Management?... Whatever
Damian Ruth The secret life of dead spaces in the academic office
Dan Kärreman Management of self-management
Daniël de Zeeuw Immunity from the image: The right to privacy as an antidote to anonymous modernity
Daniel Deimling Enoughness: Exploring the potentialities of having and being enough
Daniel J. Paré The labour of ICT4D: Whither the separation of carriage and content?
Daniel King Organizing otherwise: Translating anarchism in a voluntary sector organization, Is another way possible?
Daniel Nyberg In these critical times: Of monstrosity, catastrophe, and the future of critique
Daniel Singer Molecular Red: Wark’s Marxist-posthumanist perspective on the Anthropocene
Daniel Smith Self-heckle: Russell Kane’s stand-up comedy as an example of ‘comedic sociology’, The elite ethic of fiduciarity: The heraldry of the Jack Wills brand
Daniela Agostinho ‘If truth was a woman’: Leaky infrastructures and the gender politics of truth-telling
Daniela Sneppova trans-mute
Darlene Clover Sewing stories and acting activism: Women’s leadership 
and learning through drama and craft
Dave Eden Treasonous minds: Capital & universities, the
 ideology of the intellectual and the desire for mutiny
David Boje Enron whodunit?, Radicalising organisation studies and the meaning of critique
David Carlone Infecting capitalism with the common: The class process, communication, and surplus
David Harvie A bequest from the barricades, From here to there... to where?
David Hesmondhalgh User-generated content, free labour and the cultural industries
David Jacobs Internet activism and the democratic emergency in the U.S., Local solidarity: Historical and contemporary experiments in socially responsive business development
David Knights Radicalising organisation studies and the meaning of critique
David L. Levy Can capitalism survive climate change?
David M. Bell Improvisation as anarchist organization
David Mabb Commodity as comrade: Luibov Popova – Untitled textile design on William Morris wallpaper for Historical Materialism
David Sköld In need of medication?
Davide Sacco The anamorphosis of living labour
Deborah Jones Creativity and class
Deborah N. Brewis Powerful writing, Sensing feminism
Deepa S. Reddy Work without labor: Consumption and the imagination of work futures in India Alternatives to mainstream publishing within and beyond academia
Dennis Mumby Towards a politics of dis/organization: Relations of dis/order in organization theory and practice
Derek McCormack Scenes of the bystander
Desiree Tahiri Monstrous critical practice
Detlev Zwick The myth of metaphysical enclosure: A second response to Adam Arvidsson, Utopias of ethical economy: A response to Adam Arvidsson