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Callum Cant The warehouse without walls: A workers’ inquiry at Deliveroo
Callum McGregor Activism and the academy: Assembling knowledge for social justice
Campbell Jones Theory and politics in organization, The archive and its other, Handle with care, Images of organization, After organization studies, From... to..., Exhibiting, Hors d'oeuvre, Writing politics, Read, Responding: To Cooper, Radicalising organisation studies and the meaning of critique, It appears that certain aphasiacs..., O cursèd spite, Castles made of sand
Cansu Guner Realising Sara Ahmed’s ‘feminist snap’: Voices, embodiment, affectivity
Caracol Intergalactika The future of the World Social Forum
Carl Cederström Fit for everything: Health and the ideology of authenticity, Health at work, Philosophy in the boudoir and the streets: An interview with Simon Critchley, The masochistic reflexive turn, The Lacanian Left does not exist
Carl Rhodes Ethical anarchism, business ethics and the politics of disturbance, Justice, identity and managing with philosophy, From the modern to the postmodern (and back again), Text, plurality, organisational knowledge/I like to write about organisations
Carlos Eduardo de Lima Echoes from the streets in our classroom: A collaborative autoethnography in a Business School in Brazil
Carlos Fernandez ‘Velkom tu hell’: Precariat Moscow, Erasing the line, or, the politics of the border
Carmen Kuhling Talk and silence: Instantiations and articulations
Carole Elliott Sensing feminism
Carolina Jiménez Martín The two faces of the common? Communal forms of government from below as counter-hegemonic alternatives
Carys Egan-Wyer The ethics of the brand
Casper Hoedemækers ‘Work hard, play hard’: Fantasies of nihilism and hedonism between work and consumption, The comic organization, The university of finance, Toward a sinthomatology of organization, The commons and their im/possibilities
Caterina Giuliani Designers’ inquiry: Mapping the socio-economic conditions of designers in Italy
Catherine Casey Radicalising organisation studies and the meaning of critique
Catherine Easton On anonymity in disasters: Socio-technical practices in emergency management
Catherine Eschle Research in progress: Making feminist sense of the anti-globalisation movement
Cecilia Cassinger The potential of vulnerability
Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt Giving an account of one’s work: From excess to ECTS in higher education in the arts
Charles Barthold A Machiavellian prince at the Elysée: Virtù leadership and contingency in the populist moment, Between the event and democratic materialism
Charles J. Whalen Union-driven economic development initiatives and community solidarity in western New York
Charlotta Karlsdóttir Demystifying expert branding
Charlotta Levay Management of self-management, Health at work
Charlotte Amrouche Powerful writing
Charlotte Cator Climate change and the business school: Going beyond neoliberal ‘solutions’ with Hannah Arendt
Charlotte Friedli Planting trees through the Clean Development Mechanism: A critical assessment
Chris Barton
Chris Ivory The imagined user in projects: Articulating competing discourses of space and knowledge work
Chris Land Theory and politics in organization, Against transparency: Surveillant assemblages, partition and the limits of digital democracy, From mineral mining to data mining: Understanding the global commodity chain of internet communications, Organizing otherwise: Translating anarchism in a voluntary sector organization, The question of organization: A manifesto for alternatives, Apomorphine silence: Cutting -up Burroughs' theory of language and control, Throwing shoes..., What's it all for? Against schooling in the corporate university, Mobile mutations, Writing politics, Vorsprung durch Technik?, Exploring the (expanded) realm of organisation: Celebrations of a Cooperian revolution, It appears that certain aphasiacs..., O cursèd spite, Castles made of sand
Christian De Cock How I learned to stop worrying and love finance, Colouring Benjamin, Paid in full? Writing beyond the pale, What I read about the global financial crisis in 2007 and 2008, Myths of a near past: Envisioning finance capitalism anno 2007, Of language, limits, and secrets, Myths of a near future: Advertising the new economy, Through a glass darkly: Tales of super-capitalism, Dis/organizing fascism, In these critical times: Of monstrosity, catastrophe, and the future of critique
Christian Dyrlund Wåhlin-Jacobsen Seeing blindness: A combined psychodynamic and interactional approach to the study of ignoring
Christian Frankel The hours: A gaze, a kiss and the lapse between them. An eventalisation
Christian Garmann Johnsen Water in the desert: ephemera as an Arendtian oasis, Modes of organization, Landscapes of political action, Hosting emergence with hospitality, The dark side of management: Gerard Hanlon in dialogue with ephemera, Organizing for the post-growth economy
Christian Huber Crisis, critique and alternatives: Revolutionary politics as the lost substance of the left?
Christian Maravelias Roundtable: Free work, The managementization of everyday life – workplace health promotion and the management of self-managing employees, Health at work, Freedom at work in the age of post-bureaucratic organization

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