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Lara Maestripieri Professionalization at work: The case of Italian management consultants
Lara Monticelli A critical theory of hope
Larry Lohmann Critiquing carbon markets: A conversation
Lars Cornelissen On the (ab)use of the term ‘neoliberalism’: Reflections on Dutch political discourse
Latha Poonamallee Sustainability and solidarity in a globalized world: The case of a local network economy in rural India
Laura Kemmer Pandemic times. A conversation with Lisa Baraitser about the temporal politics of COVID-19, Standby: Organizing modes of in|activity, Talking photobooks: Standing by Kinshasa
Laura L. Sullivan Activism, affect and abuse: Emotional contexts and 
consequences of the ESF 2004 organising process
Laura Lucia Parolin A posthumanist approach to practice and knowledge
Laurent Taskin Revealing the dominant anthropological consideration of humankind in the teaching of Human Resource Management: A critique of individual performance evaluation
Lawrence T. Corrigan Occupy Nova Scotia
Laylah Pike Downshifting: Boundary management for the privileged few?
Leena Aholainen Resisting death, or, what made Luca Guzzetti 
jump into the ashtray?
Lena Abrahamsson New conditions for identities, cultures and governance of welfare sector professionals: The teaching profession
Lena Olaison Water in the desert: ephemera as an Arendtian oasis, Ghostly matters in organizing, Landscapes of political action, Organizing for the post-growth economy, Critiquing corruption: A turn to theory, Work, play and boredom, The effect of affect: Desire and politics in modern organizations, 'No we can't'. Crisis as chance, Crawling from the wreckage
Lenora Hanson Speculating on the university: Disruptive actions in today’s corporate university
Leo McCann Just what is it that makes today’s employee branding so different, so appealing?
Leon Tan Diasporas in a digital age
Leopold Ringel Getting ‘sucked into parliament’: Tracing the process of professional political socialization
Leopoldina Fortunati Immaterial labor and its machinization
Lika Rodin ‘Developmental talk’ as confession: The role of trade unions in workplace governance
Linda Lapiņa Dancing with a billboard: Exploring the affective repertoires of gentrifying urban spaces
Line Kirkegaard Note on a work life (qualifying as a new sport for the Olympic Games): When performance management and contemporary work life are in perfect harmony, The organization of ignorance: An ethnographic study of the production of subjects and objects in an artificial intelligence project
Lisa Blackman Haunted data, transmedial storytelling, affectivity: Attending to ‘controversies’ as matters of ghostly concern
Lisa Conrad Modes of organization, The organization is a repair shop, Materiality at work: A note on desks
Lisa Daily ‘This bag provides 185 school meals’: Ethical commodities and the quantification of good
Lisa Salmonsson Navigating otherness and belonging: A comparative case study of IMGs’ professional integration in Canada and Sweden
Lisa Wiedemann Being on standby: On maintenance work in chronic disease management
Lise Justesen Digitalize and deny: Pluralistic collective ignorance in an algorithmic profiling project
Lise Lareau The impact of digital technology on media workers: Life has completely changed
Liyan Gao New media and the Egyptian revolution: The ironies of mediated communication, the fetishisation of information and the shrinking of political action
Liz Mason-Deese From the picket to the women’s strike: Expanding the meaning of labor struggles in Argentina
Lotta Kähkönen Affective capitalism: Investments and investigations
Luc Peters ‘Come on, get happy!’: Exploring absurdity and sites of alternate ordering in Twin Peaks, Corruption as co-created rupture: A definitional etymological approach
Luca Guzzetti What is art?
Lucas Pohl Ruined museums: Exploring post-foundational spatiality
Lucia Crevani Pull yourselves together, guys! A gendered critique of project manager's ethics in a public sector context

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