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Iain Munro The birth of an ecological revolution: A commentary on Naomi Klein’s climate change manifesto, Empire: The coming of the control society, Informated identities and the spread of the Word virus
Ian Foxley Overcoming stigma: Whistleblowers as ‘supranormal’ members of society?
Ian Parker The parallax review, Jodi's dream
Iben Sandal Stjerne Closing the HRM scholar-practitioner gap: Turning to the aesthetic experience in human resource selection
Ignacio Concha-Ferreira Brands, welfare and welfare-cool
Ilana Gershon Click for work: Rethinking work through online work distribution platforms
Imre Szeman Irreversibility, or, the global factory, Erasing the line, or, the politics of the border
Inga Luchs From biased robots to race as technology
Ingmar Lippert Carbon classified? Unpacking heterogeneous relations inscribed into corporate carbon emissions
Ingrid M. Hoofd The accelerated university: Activist-academic alliances and simulation of thought
Ishani Chandrasekara Why is finance critical? A dialogue with a women's community in Sri Lanka
Isleide Fontenelle From politicisation to redemption through consumption: The environmental crisis and the generation of guilt in the responsible consumer as constructed by the business media
Isto Huvila Archaeology of no names? The social productivity of anonymity in the archaeological information process
Ivy Lynn Bourgeault Navigating otherness and belonging: A comparative case study of IMGs’ professional integration in Canada and Sweden