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Echoes from the streets in our classroom: A collaborative autoethnography in a Business School in Brazil


It was August 2017 when during a break from class I heard the following quote from a business student in the hall of the university department, where I teach psychology: ‘Here comes the left-wing professor talking about those boring topics again’. At that moment, I began wondering, whether all the spread of hatred, coming from the Brazilian political situation, was impacting me and my faculty colleagues. I also started to think about it, while I was teaching organizational psychology in a business administration course.

Beyond happy families and authenticity: Back to work organisation and mundaneness in the critique of ‘authenticating’ management programs


In current HRM practice, ‘fun’ initiatives are becoming widespread (Ford et al., 2003; Schoeneman, 2006) and maintaining a focus on individual health and spirituality has increasingly been embraced as a legitimate way to develop and manage human resources (Lips-Wiersma and Mills, 2014; Grawitch et al., 2006; Nash, 2003). Regardless of the specific program offered, the general idea is to encourage employees to become ‘whole human beings’, while simultaneously enhancing organizational productivity.

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