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Quarantined ideas

volume 20, number x

The current pandemic is coming to redefine our lives in so many ways, both real and symbolic. It has already changed the way we travel, the way we work, the way we live. And it will continue to have far-reaching effects on all of us for the foreseeable future. In the face of the current re-organization of public and private life on an unprecedented scale, ephemera’s editorial collective has made the decision to cancel one issue and postpone forthcoming issues by three months. But what will not change is the mission of this journal: to provide an outlet for (re)thinking the futures of theory, politics, and organization, especially in times of crisis.

While crises may crystallize and reinforce existing inequalities, they may also hold the potential to create other political imaginaries and new organizational realities. New utopias may be born. We hope that the decision to slow down the journal enables the ephemera community to make time and space to collect itself, to listen, to read, to reflect in a way that makes us part of a transformation rather than being simply controlled by it.

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