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Class action or class struggle?

Starring Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, The Internship was presumably intended as the Hollywood blockbuster of Summer 2013. The movie portrays a couple of interns who arrive at the corporation in the hope of securing a job in the creative industries. While their experiences are arguably somewhat less traumatic than those the hapless intern protagonist of The Devil Wears Prada has to endure in a similar scenario, the two are nevertheless forced to compete with an army of other prospective employees (i.e.

Work experience without qualities? A documentary and critical account of an internship

Going internal

Internships and unpaid work placements are today touted, even celebrated, as necessary steps on the path towards gaining employment. They become increasingly normalised and recommended as an essential means of boosting the contemporary art-culture-service worker’s chances of accumulating the given ‘experience’ valued by potential ‘industry’ employers. In doing so, internships and placements appear to offer perhaps the best chance of securing that perceived ‘dream job’ for those seeking to progress in, or more usually to enter, the so-called creative sector.

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