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The Danish school as a haunted house: Reforming time, work life and fantasies of teaching in Denmark

‘I get really mad, when people tell me that now we have to put things behind us and move on…I can’t!’. With this remark, Line, a Danish teacher, expresses her experience of a major labour market conflict and its immediate aftermath. Shortly afterwards, in the spring of 2014, Line decided to quit her job in a municipal school[1], just before a major school reform was to be implemented.

Roundtable: Free work


This panel discussion took place at the ephemera conference on Free Work, in Berlin, May 11, 2011.[1] Three speakers, who each have conducted extensive research on the relation between freedom and work, were invited to briefly present their work and to engage in a discussion about the relation between freedom and contemporary work. The discussion focuses in particular on the alleged freedom of knowledge workers. To what extent is their freedom an imagined freedom?

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