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Does it ever stop kicking off everywhere?


Paul Mason’s book is an attempt to explore and understand the global domino of uprisings around the world in 2009-2011. Why it’s kicking off everywhere brings together some of the many localities of the world that gained global attention from the media and filled people with hope for another, better future. Protests, demonstrations, and revolutions in Egypt, Greece, Britain, and the US are closely followed by Mason who, as a virtuoso reporter, communicates vividly both the feeling of those moments and the stories of the people:

The ‘sellable semblance’: Employability in the context of mental-illness


Employability is a broad concept and intersects with a range of life aspects. Amongst others, these may include the political, social, citizenship, education, skills, behaviour and lifestyle. A significant feature embedded within the notion of employability is the expectation to continuously become ‘more’ employable (Costea et al., 2012: 33; Cremin, 2010). The ongoing journey of improving one’s employability may be related to a number of aspects such gaining certain skills, experiences and qualifications.

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