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Point of difference: The lost premise of creativity in ‘creative work’

Introduction: The emotional truth

To reveal the eco-system of feeling that produces the contemporary organisational paradox — where divergence and creativity are baked-into products while their premise often denied in organisational design — this note applies a Spinozian framework of affect. Here, affects are the, often unconscious, feelings that stick during encounters between bodies and other bodies and objects, informing the direction one moves in thereafter, and in their broadest sense represent ‘a sense of push in the world’ (Thrift, 2004: 64; Spinoza, 1996).

Diversity and difference research: A reflection on categories and categorization


This paper is a reflection about categories used in research on diversity and difference in organizations[1]. Diversity and difference research uses social categories (Litvin, 1997) as analytical units or tools to understand and explain issues of inequality, discrimination, diversity and inclusion in the workplace (e.g. Ahmed, 2012), and to understand the behavior of the other (Zander et al., 2010).

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