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critical pedagogy

Engaged in teaching HRM: The quest for critical and reflective practice


It is March 2016 and we are having lunch in the university cafeteria with a couple of doctoral students. One of them has been asked to participate in teaching a “capstone course” for bachelor-level students. He has a background in sociology and he seems quite puzzled over the expectations. The course aims to provide students with “hands on” business experience and “practical analytical skills” that students could use in their future as management consultants.

Somatic pedagogies: Critiquing and resisting the affective discourse of the neoliberal state from an embodied anarchist perspective


This paper emerges from the ‘turn to affect’ in the humanities and social sciences. Explicit use of the terminology of ‘affect’ generally comes from critical paradigms, yet I argue that this response is situated within a wider context of neoliberal state discourse that harnesses affect to produce compliant subjects.

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