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cognitive capitalism

What is this thing?


It is difficult to define a revolution while in the midst of it. It is even harder to shape it. In terms of the technological revolution, do we live in the post-industrial age, the knowledge age, the information age, Toffler’s (1980) ‘Third wave’, or some other thing? Further complicating this is the determining what the ‘we’ refers to. As Edgerton (2007) has pointed out, the developed world might be in this new age, but the developing world is still in the industrial age.

The imprimatur of capital: Gilbert Simondon and the hypothesis of cognitive capitalism


This paper explores the relevance of Gilbert Simondon’s philosophy of individuation (2005) for the hypothesis of cognitive capitalism as it has been proposed by authors such as Yann Moulier-Boutang (2007) and Carlo Vercellone (2006a; 2006b).[1] More particularly, I will argue that the application of the Simondonian conceptual apparatus to the contemporary critique of political economy can shed new light on some specific processes of exploitation, processes that are defining features of t

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