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Web of capturing the moving mind

volume 5, number X

We mark this web – this publication, this project – with crossing lines, a chiasma. The Greek letter chi (χ) marks a decussation, a crossing of tracts. With it we wish to point to the nature of this project as a diagonal arrangement, a connection and crossing of heterogeneous domains and their codings.

This web is produced in cooperation between Framework: The Finnish Art Review and ephemera: theory & politics in organization. It aims to weave a connection between art and politics, between art as an act of resistance and economy as biopolitical production. For if it is true, that today our thinking and emotional abilities, our imagination and subjectivity are increasingly put to work in economic production and that the new controls operate today with the possibilities of our thinking and acting which they try to subordinate to the pre-structured tasks and aims of a particular historical period, then the question of art as an act of resistance and creation of new forms of autonomous and good life – a life in which our ways and acts of living are always about the possibilities of life – interferes directly to the core of this enterprise. The question of organizing new forms of life and the critique of capitalism must today be seen as one.

The web, or X, presented here is based on Capturing the Moving Mind: Management and Movement in the Age of Permanently Temporary War, the first ephemera conference on the Trans-Siberian train (Moscow–Novosibirsk–Beijing) September 11- 20, 2005. 

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