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Mobilities in contemporary worlds of work and organizing

volume 15, number 4

In the globalised ‘network economy’ mobility has developed as an imperative as well as an attractive possibility. Drawing inspiration from the field of mobility studies, this special issue of ephemera discusses mobility as a complex modern phenomenon. It creates a space for investigating different forms and dimensions of mobility, such as physical, temporal, social, economic and symbolic. The issue seeks to problematise simplistic assessments of mobility, and moves the discussion beyond the either/or opposition of choice and necessity. The contributions to this issue particularly explore how mobility is formed, shaped and experienced within present-day work constellations and organizations, where mobility demands are imposed and self-generated as individuals manage their selves, their work and careers. A diverse picture emerges that emphasises the ambivalences and frictions concomitant with the actual and potential movements of contemporary working subjects.

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