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Marginal competencies

volume 7, number 2

In the first editorial of this journal, the founding editors expressed their hope that ephemera would not be concerned with what it can do for or with organization studies, but what it can do to organization studies (Böhm, Jones and Land, 2001: 10). Seven years down the road, it is perhaps apposite to pause a moment and ask how to understand ephemera’s relation to organization studies today; perhaps with some risk of reflecting our life away...

This issue of ephemera is an open issue – by its very nature not a consistent whole. Yet the contributions that you are about to read have one thing in common: they all address marginal themes in organization studies. They are all about themes that are somehow related to organization studies but in experimental ways or about themes that arguably deserve more attention in organization studies. In short: this issue of ephemera clearly demonstrates our preoccupation with the margins of organization studies.