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América Latina / Latin America: Again (and again)

volume 20, number 1

In 2006, ephemera published its last special issue dedicated to Latin America. After long 14 years, the publication of this new special issue can be read as a renewal and continuation of the themes addressed in the previous one. Why do we need another special issue? While each moment of organisation and struggle is unique, the turbulence in the current Latin American political context is evidence that there are political, economic, cultural and organisational issues that have been reoccurring on the continent, again and again. Since 2019, the continent is yet again on fire. There are multiple social movement mobilizations in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and elsewhere. The articles collected in this special issue help us to understand the continuous crises in Latin America and the way people organize, resist and mobilize. What this special issue is hoping to do is to show that there are common features around the region, which, unfortunately, do not get aired enough in Northern media, nor are they discussed sufficiently in organisation studies.

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