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'The Ghosts Insurance': Participatory research in haunted schools by the Theatre of Research


One. When I visited Mexico a few years ago I heard the story of the ‘virgen del metro’. This is how it goes: In Mexico City thousands of people live in the streets. One day one of them saw a piece of mould in the floor of the metro station of Hidalgo and watched it for a while. Suddenly, in the midst of the mould, the face of Mother Mary appeared to him. The mould itself turned into her face. Others saw her, too, and they instantly agreed on a reading.

The game of hospitality


Our story begins one winter’s night at a school in the Danish city of Aarhus. Present at the event are the parents of children who have attended the school for six months. They have been welcomed by the pedagogical leader[1] of the school, and together they have sung a Danish children’s song. They have been divided into groups of four or five and are now seated at tables with coffee and cookies, which some of the parents have prepared.

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