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Modes of organization

volume 21, number 3

Most of the work leading to publication of this open issue has taken place during the pandemic’s overlapping phases of lockdown, containment, vaccination and (re)opening. Somewhere along the way, we, the editors of this open issue, came to embrace its diverse contributions through the theme of ‘Modes of organization’, as an oblique return to the perennial question ‘What is organization?’. In so doing, the issue’s articles, notes and reviews – dealing with bureaucracy, commons projects, reading groups, organizational standby, filtering data, the experience of ‘enoughness’, gamifying and quitting academia, and economic theology – are seen to refuse any underlying essence or continuity of organization, instead giving space to a concern with the ‘how’ of organization. In their distinctive ways, the contributions thereby illustrate the fruitfulness of viewing organization as always an open issue – as part of our own navigation of the wider bio-political moment and its recurring movements of opening and closure. 

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