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Touched by the ghost

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Royal Cast Collection, Copenhagen


A video from this event is now available here.


Join us, if you dare, at the Royal Cast Collection.

No need for complicated seances to evoke the ghost.

Stay still. Listen. Breathe in.

The ghost will find you.

To launch the ephemera publication Ghostly matters in organization we invite you to an evening at the Royal Cast Collection with: Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos/, Julie Nymann and Henrik Holm.

The statues at the Royal Cast Collection are white, airy copies of famous originals in marble and copper. While the originals are crumbling in the acid rain at Acropolis and St. Peter’s Square, the copies are patiently waiting in the West Indian Warehouse at Copenhagen harbour, isolated in their pristine condition, testaments to a beauty that is not transient. Yet, copies have no place in the official histories of nation state. They are dismissed as second-rate simulacra.

Tonight, we allow them to bring out their forgotten and repressed pasts, crack the pristine surface and show the cost of whiteness. Not just the casts but also the building itself, the West Indian Warehouse, the centre of the Danish trade with objects and bodies from the colonies. We will encourage the building to exhale and reveal, allowing us to explore how affects, traumatic events and untold stories over time have been deposited in its walls and bricks.

The evening:

June 25th 1 9.30 (doors open at 19.00)

19:30 Performance by Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos/

20:00 Sound and video art by Julie Nymann

20:15 Introduction to the ghost stories of the collection by Henrik Holm


No registration is needed.

Address: Sølvgade 48-501307 Copenhagen K.

The event is related to the special issue on Ghostly matters in organization in ephemera: theory and politics in organization:


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