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6th International degrowth conference for ecological sustainability and social equity



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Call for academic submissions

Degrowth. Décroissance. Decrecimiento. Decrescita. Post­wachstum. Nemnövekedés. Nerväxt. These words represent the ambition for a social and ecological transformation of societies beyond the unsustainable and unjust growth paradigm.

Refugees and the transformation of societies: A roundtable discussion

The CBS Public-Private Platform, the cluster on Diversity and Difference and the European Haniel Program on Entrepreneurship & the Humanities are happy to invite you to a roundtable discussion on the topic ‘Refugees and the Transformation of Society’. Following the event, the journal ephemera: theory & politics in organization will announce a call for papers for a special issue focusing on the topics of the roundtable discussion.

Logistics of soft control: SAP, labour, organization




SAP is one of the largest developers of software that drives global economies, offering leading enterprise software solutions, specifically logistics software that makes possible movements of people, finance and things that make up global trade. SAP specialises in software development and web-based services associated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the logistics industries among many others, including mining, health, finance, medical, insurance, oil and gas, retail and higher education.

4th Practical Criticism in the Managerial Social Sciences Conference




Calàs and Smircich (1991) once famously observed that the study of management and organizations was marked by a persistent sense of stagnation and loss of direction at the level of its controlling élites, and of oppression at the level of its emerging scholars. Perceiving a connection between the two, their solution was to deconstruct the work of leading scholars in their field as a means of destabilizing an authoritative order which they believed to be stifling the possibilities of innovation.

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