politics of academic journals

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15 Feb 2021

In 2001, the first issue of ephemera was published and a new journal was born. Against the growing tide of big publishing houses buying up academic journals, offering administrative support in return for copyright, the central ambition of ephemera has been to ensure open access to peer-reviewed, high quality research for all. ephemera provides its content free of charge, and charges its readers only with free thought. 

For over two decades, ephemera has been dedicated to publishing well-crafted contributions that engage with theoretical and conceptual understandings of the politics of organizing in the broadest sense. In doing this, ephemerahas been a pioneer in introducing alternative and unorthodox themes such as post-growth, affective labour, and financialization of the university as well as producing new critical perspectives on established topics such as anarchism, anonymity, whistleblowing, and corruption.   

Claiming a position from the margins and operating at the borders of organization studies, ephemera has challenged the alienation of academic labor and worked against the de-politicization... more

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