Always elsewhere

In the editorial for the ephemera issue 7(2) Spoelstra, O’Shea and Kaulingfreks (2007) reflect upon ephemera’s relation to the wider field of organization studies. Marginality is brought up as a main trademark of ephemera, in effect its core business. We would like to spend this editorial on following up on this theme. This is not only because marginality is a pertinent issue in need of further discussion. Which it is.

Marginal competencies

In the first editorial of this journal, the founding editors expressed their hope that ephemera would not be concerned with what it can do for or with organization studies, but what it can do to organization studies (Böhm, Jones and Land, 2001: 10). Seven years down the road, it is perhaps apposite to pause a moment and ask how to understand ephemera’s relation to organization studies today; perhaps with some risk of reflecting our life away...

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