Liberation from below

submission deadline  
15 Sep 2017
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Issue editors: Maria Ceci Misoczky, Paulo Abdala and Steffen Böhm

In this region we are living a very interesting period, creative, fertile. It is hard to understand sometimes, especially when you look at it from the outside and above. The things that people really understand, things that can be comprehended by reason and felt with the hearth, are the things we are able to see from within and from below […] Latin America is the reign of contradiction and diversity, where all the colors, odors and pains of the world mix and confront each other. (Eduardo Galeano, interview for the documentary ‘Latin American Blood’)   

Ten years ago, in 2006, ephemera published a special issue on Latina America. The aim was ‘to inform readers across the globe about the organization of the ongoing struggles and resistances and the tensions lived and experienced by so many Latin Americans’. The... more

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