Innovation and financialisation: Unpicking a close association


Inventions, ideas, new products, and new services are worthless, without a downstream process that turns them into something that convinces people and firms to become customers. (Corrado, 2007: 3)

Céline and the aesthetics of hyperbole: Style, points, parataxis and other literary devices


I am not a man of messages, I am not a man of ideas, I am a man of style.
Céline (2003:10)

Peut-être Céline demeurera seul de nous tous.
Jean-Paul Sartre, in 1946


Hast du Verstand und ein Herz,
so zeige nur eines von beiden,
Beides verdammen Sie dir,
zeigest Du beides zugleich
Friedrich Hölderlin


Grounded globalizations of transnational social movements: Ethnographic analysis on 'Free Hugs Campaign' at the World Social Forum Belém 2009

This article aims to show how global ethnography is a useful approach to the investigation of global social movements. In this kind of an approach the researcher’s own grounded knowledge from the field is combined with digital information on the transnational social movement: its actors and its actions. The focus of this paper is on methodology.


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