What I read about the global financial crisis in 2007 and 2008


“What I have written consists, as it were, almost entirely of quotations. It is the craziest mosaic technique you can imagine.” (Walter Benjamin, Letter to Gerhard Scholem, December 22, 1924)

“Walter Benjamin dreamt of publishing a book composed entirely of quotations. I lack the necessary originality. Juxtaposed, quotations take on novel meanings and enter into a mutual debate.” (George Steiner, Grammars of Creation, 2001, p.13)

Mystification and secrecy in contemporary corporate life: A reflection on Lars von Trier's 'The boss of it all'

Here comes a movie, and if it already looks a bit weird – then hang in there, because anyone can see it. Although you see my reflection, trust me – this film won’t be worth a moment’s reflection. It’s a comedy and harmless as such. No preaching or swaying of opinion. Just a cozy time. So why not poke fun at artsy-fartsy culture?

We are all workers: A class analysis of university labour strikes

Contrary to the numerous emails from university administration sent during the fall of 2007 that “business was continuing as usual,” business was not continuing as usual as clerical, technical, and health care workers of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union went on strike for a living wage at the University of Minnesota (U of M).


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