Overcoming stigma: Whistleblowers as ‘supranormal’ members of society?


Pity therefore the messengers who are marked and stigmatised for their unfortunate role rather than their message. (Sophocles, 441 BC/2013)

Spelman cups: Attitudes to the past

Image 1: Spelman Cups (2016) ceramic, mixed media. Photo: Bridget Harvey.


Technically there are five of you, but actually only four. Really you are three and one other.

None of you are really broken, but all are damaged, bar one. Small, glazed, white, glossy.

Three old, one new. Slip cast, tipped out of a plaster mould, handles moulded too, joined later.

Music, desire and affective community organizing for repair: Note for the piece ‘Le désir est un exil, le désir est un désert…’

For L. & M.

Desire is an exile, desire is a desert ...


Never an individual exile, never a personal desert,

 but a collective exile and a collective desert.

Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus (1972: 452)


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