Digital parties and their organisational challenges

Amidst this era of political chaos, marked by the convergence of multiple economic, political, health and ecological crisis, the question of political organisation has come back as a matter of great urgency. The sheer scale of the challenges we face makes the basic logic of all forms of organisation - namely uniting the force of individuals in pursuit of a collective cause – key to the major mobilisation efforts that are required to address contemporary social problems.

Fantasy to (evade) order: Vicarious schadenfreude

Introduction and scene setting

Fantasy and dreaming can supplement fictions of self created by management and control…We may not dismantle organizational controls, but we certainly learn how to evade them. (Gabriel, 1995: 498)

After measurement


Filtering data: Exploring the sociomaterial production of air

At first we feel nothing, we are insensitive, we are naturalized. And then suddenly we feel not something, but the absence of something we did not know before could possibly be lacking. (Latour, 2006: 105)


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