The state of things

We delight in special requests and challenging commissions; our in-house designers and craftsmen are experts at realising a client’s specific needs and desires. Whether the idea is ambitious or whimsical, Asprey’s bespoke services have no limits. (Asprey’s of London)[1]

The excellent institution

‘What institution was ever so wisely planned that no disadvantage could arise therefrom?’ (Spinoza, 2002 [1670]: 569)

The atmosphere business

Kyoto is dead, long live carbon markets

Work, play and boredom

I’m bored
I’m bored
I’m the chairman of the bored
(Iggy Pop, ‘I’m bored’)

The effect of affect: Desire and politics in modern organizations

This open issue consists of a number of contributions, which at first glance do not seem to be linked by any particular theme. Examining the different approaches to theory & politics in organization that are taken by the eclectic collection of papers featured here, however, it appears that the theoretical notion of the affective emerges again and again, as central to the politics of organization. The notion of affect is as such nothing new to ephemera.


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