Towards a politics of dis/organization: Relations of dis/order in organization theory and practice

[T]he work of organization is focused upon transforming an intrinsically ambiguous condition into one that is ordered so that organization as a process is constantly bound up with its contrary state of disorganization. (Cooper, 1986: 305)

[T]he undecidable can only become decidable through the practice of power and ‘violence’ (Cooper, 1986: 324)

Modes of organization


Welcome to the party


Beyond measure

The numbered 

América Latina / Latin America: Again (and again)

In 2006, ephemera published its first special issue dedicated to Latin America. It aimed ‘to inform readers across the globe about the organization of the ongoing struggles and resistances and the tensions lived and experienced by so many Latin Americans’. We tried to make present the multiplicity of social movements on the continent, avoiding ‘a naïve monovoice and an over-optimistic view of the intensity of movements throughout the continent’ (Misoczky, 2006: 228).


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