Childcare commons: Of feminist subversions of community and commune in Barcelona

Introduction: Childcare commons as a vector of political change

Writing to the mothers’ Whatsapp group is better than calling 112.
(Urban saying amongst mothers in Poble Sec)

Dis/continuity and dis/organizing effects: Exploring absent presences in educational change projects


In the wake of the neoliberal reform agenda of the 1980s, public schools in many western countries, have faced reforms at an ever-quickening pace. One effect of this is the increased pace and number of organizational change projects going on in schools. Schools must be adaptable to shifting demands for outcomes, and must be able to take themselves to new modes of organising that are considered to be more goal efficient (OECD, 2013). 

Order under erasure? Disorganisation and the disorganising of ‘unmanaging’


We live in an old chaos of the sun.
– Wallace Stevens, Sunday Morning


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